10 August 2016

On my birthday on 27 December 2014 I got a 7day free open account and I
sent out my message to people I thought might be interested. I had
practically given up, I had been a widow for almost 10 years, but to my
amazement I got 3 replies, one of them was living about 45 minutes from my
home in Cape Town, South Africa. So our first meeting was on Saturday 3
January 2015. I went to his home to see him in his own environment and we
hit if off almost immediately. I was in the process of selling my big house
and downsizing, but after a few months we decided to sell our houses, as we
did not want to live in each others houses and our weekends became very
expensive with petrol etc.

So we looked for houses, particularly in my area, as I have more interests
there than he had where he lived, he was a widower for 5 years. So now we
live together as partners in a beautiful new home since 15 January 2016 and
we are 20 months together and very happy. Also my family is very happy that I
have found someone to spend the rest of my life with. I am 75, he is 82.